Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting High With AIAB

Today I'd like to share a little trick I've taught myself in the course of my meditations, a tool for raising one's vibrational state as rapidly as possible.

First, a disclaimer: I've only been meditating for maybe a little over a year or so, am a relative newcomer to things and have no doubt at all that I've yet a lot to learn.

Anyhow, on to the main topic: I'm aware of course of mantras, and the reasons for them. For instance, the paradigmatic ohm ma ni pad me hum, whose sounds are said to recapitulate the universe even as the repetition of its syllables lulls the monkey mind into manageability. That is, the vibration of the words resonates with the very fabric of the cosmos, while also serving a deliberate psychological end. It's tried, tested, and acclaimed as eternally true by generation upon generation of mystics and monks and I'm certainly not going to say they're wrong.

For some reason, though, I've always felt the need to do things my own way and to this end, some time ago I started thinking that maybe it was time I incorporated a mantra into my meditation exercises. When precisely I started performing the one I eventually found I can't remember, but I use it now practically without thinking and am discovering that it has a certain potency.

The mantra itself is very simple: AIAB. If you're thinking it looks like an acronym you'd be right. It stands for Attraction, Intention, Allowance, Balance, the four laws of creation as outlined in the Handbook, and I've yet to see a better formulation than this for describing how the universe behaves on both a physical and a psychic layer. I pronounce it like 'ay-ab', with a long drawn out 'aaaaaaa', a sustained 'iiiiiiii', another 'aaaaaaaaaa' and then a final, so-soft-you-can-barely-hear-it 'b', moving as seemlessly as possible from one sound to the next. The key thing, though, is pitch: on the A, I keep it as low and resonant as I can, an ELF wave shaking the bones of the earth. On the 'I', I allow the pitch to rise, to something around conversational level. On the final A, I go as high as possible, like an opera singer out to break every wine glass in the house, with the final B as the culmination of this vertical climb.

The reasoning is fairly straightforward: the mind interprets vibration as sound, thus perhaps high pitched sounds will raise one's vibratory state, in a psychospiritual sense. I myself find that to be absolutely the case.

I should also mention that I don't actually make the sounds, except inside my mind. This has two benefits: one, people aren't wondering why I'm doing this weird sliding moan-squeel thing over and over again; two, by fabricating the sounds internally I'm able to cover a much greater range of pitch than otherwise (my voice couldn't carry a tune if you gave it a bag to put it in).

Back to AIAB: (inhale) during the first aaaaa, attention is on either the material world and/or sliding up the lower chakras; during the iiiiii, attention focuses to personal self and the mid (heart to 3rd eye) chakras; (exhale) during the final aaaaaa, attention shifts through the crown chakra and into All, driving higher towards unity with increasing pitch until one fall's back into matter and (inhale) during the first A.... I suppose I don't have to mention that the afformentioned meanings of each sound are also being contemplated while all this is taking place? And that as time goes on, the note held by the 'iiiiiiiii' should be periodically increased?

Might seem like a lot of things to try and juggle but I find the result is a state of world-self-Self synchronization that so far, for me, has been hard to beat. As the state continues I notice high-pitched background noises I wasn't conscious of before. The vibration of everything - consciousness, my body, the world around me - seems to increase after doing this. It's almost as though, by psychically connecting the low-vibrational world of base matter to the mid-state of self to the high-octave realm of Higher Self, the negative associations that inevitably adhere to the lower vibrational states are, as it were, pumped upwards, while the higher vibrational states imbue the material plane with their uniquely elevated nature. And there I am, caught in the middle and high as the proverbial kite.

Well, that's just a short little something I thought I'd share with you. May any who find this, find it useful.


Kyle said...

I like it. I have been making up my own mantras for a couple years now. I don't always use them, but probably should. I will usually make slight changes as I go along, making some kind of composition.

Interesting thing about OM or AUM: As it is repeated, it can sound a lot like "home" or "mom." People use this one unconsciously all the time when they need to clear their heads and think - "ummmm."

By the way, you are a very good writer. I have often resort to pictures and songs to add magic to mine. Yours stands on its own well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll try this.

With the OM chant, for some reason I keep getting visions of Natalie Portman (wow), not that that's bad.


the BCth said...

Intriguing. I'm a neophyte when it comes to meditation, and I pretty much just go by what feels right or needed at that particular moment.

I read the Handbook for the New Paradigm some time ago, and those four spiritual laws resonate with me as well. Interesting to consider that the forces of "evil" often have a highly developed understanding of the first two, but almost no concept of the other two.

One thing holding me back from using mantras has been the voice factor. I'm sure hearing it in your head is a most effective way to go.

Thanks for posting this. I will take it into consideration.

Zoner said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Psychegram.

The whole meditation thing has been endlessly frustrating here and I have been considering seeking some guidance, but I'll try to keep going it alone and see what happens.

There is more to sound than we know, I think, and having been involved in music for decades it has been one of the only consistent (I use that word very loosely) ways to get in tough with..........whatever it is that comes in and takes over when it is allowed.

Any book recommendations or schools for getting this meditation thing happening, or is one better served by winging it until something clicks?

I can't keep relying on chemicals to divert. It is killing me, and getting too real. Rather than running away from things, I want to move towards that which feels like home.

Thanks for sharing the experience, man.


psychegram said...

Hey Zoner,

Meditation isn't something that's learned easily (and yet there's nothing easier...) but one way or another it's something you have to learn to do yourself. There are plenty of schools out there, but as to which to pick I can't say ... I'm more or less an autodidact, always have been, so I more or less taught myself what little I know. In this case, mostly what worked for me was, well, just doing it. Sitting there, and being. Do that long enough, using whatever techniques work for you (and they're as infinitely varied as human consciousness), and elevated states of awareness can and will be accessed.

I've only had a few small tastes of this, but that, and theoretical considerations (that's the scientist in me coming out) are enough to convince that it's entirely real.

But that's me, and what works for you, only you can say.

-grin- all that said, I've recently started in at the Maybe Logic Academy. Perhaps you'll find what you're looking for there?

Pangolin said...

Zoner_you already know how to meditate; you just call it something like 'picking' or 'jamming' if you're doing it with others. The deal is that you are probably hitting a little fast on the metronome to get to the states that most people discuss when talking about meditation.

In India drum players and stringed instrument players play 'Kirtan' which is a recognized form of devotion and spiritual practice. Locally, a guy named Jim Brobeck, plays a lap guitar with a slide in meditative rhythms and when I can catch him in the park I sit right down and follow with breathing.

Didjiridoo playing is a very strong meditation as involves serious breathe control but I can't get that right yet. The vibrations literally move back into your brain and push things around.

If all else fails go fishing. Same thing just skip the whole hook baiting part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude
Cool blog! Ive just taken up meditating and was looking around for tools and tricks and came across what you wrote here.
I don't know too much about how the chakras function yet...but i'd heard of the power of OM/AUM as a sound for practicing. Would you recommend I start with this exercise if i have no experience, or work up to it?

psychegram said...

I'd recommend you start. Period. Whatever the practice.

Anonymous said...

See that's the thing, man. I don't know if i actually believe in any kind of "formal practice". Shouldn't you just go with what you feel to a certain extent? How can anyone else tell you how to access something like this?
I dunno...i researched the chakras, and I get how these sounds might get you to open them up quicker.
Sometimes I think though, the universe will tell you what to do. Maybe the point is to stop bringing systems to it, and instead, let it tell YOU what to do.
just a thought.

psychegram said...

That's kind of a what I meant. Don't worry about what you read, about this system or that system. Just do, and do what comes naturally. Follow your own mind.