Monday, February 23, 2009

Gravitational Blind Spots

It is purported by many and perhaps believed by most that science provides the single best explanation for the phenomena of the world. I'm inclined to agree, myself, provided you're talking about science as a methodological practice and not Science, the Ideology. The virtues of the scientific method - close observation, rigorous thought, lightness of belief - are of unparalleled importance in any investigation of the cosmos, but modern science often commits the error of disregarding the latter and possibly most crucial, namely holding one's beliefs lightly, for it is only by making as little investment of self in the rightness or wrongness of one's theories that one maintains the flexibility of mind to modify those theories when new data presents itself. Once the ideas are believed for their own sake, well, the thought becomes muddled and the observation develops blind spots.

We have a theory of gravity, general relativity, bequeathed to us by Einstein, that does a stellar job of describing the gravitational behaviour of large objects. Well, within certain tolerances of course: the Pioneer anomaly showed us that our understanding was actually subtly incorrect, though as of yet there has been little explanation as to just from where the correction might arise. The other, maybe better known problem with relativity is that it breaks down completely at the atomic scale, yielding nonsensical answers. You might almost say that the theory has an enourmous gaping blind spot at the scale of the atom. Despite this flaw it is, I think, taken for granted that the answers it yields at a mesoscale are accurate.

Then there's QED, quantum electrodynamics, otherwise known as the Standard Model by which the subatomic world and all of the electromagnetic phenomena it gives rise to is so fantastically described. Well, fantastic except insofar as the theory breaks down at the stellar scale. Thus physics has found itself for more than a century at a schizophrenic impasse, it's two most successful creations intractably posed against one another.

It's not surprising, then, that there are vast and intricate structures composed out of charged plasmas linking stars and planets together in what may well be a galactic power network, structures that conventional Science ignores altogether because ... well, for no good reason, really, except perhaps that it doesn't want to see them because it would make the universe look too much like the living body it is rather than the dead wasteland of empty stars they'd prefer to see.

What then of gravitation? That's really what I'm here to talk about today. Chances are you've never heard of biogravitational fields. I hadn't, until the phrase came to me as the logical thing to call an idea that's been swimming about in my head for a while, like a freshly hatched fingerling looking for it's mother. I googled the term and while it's certainly not original to me, it's not a widely used one.

All matter, you see, generates gravitation. It's a very weak effect: it takes the entire gravitational field of the earth to keep us in place, whereas the electromagnetic effects of even a small piece of the earth are enough to counteract it. When you hold something in your hand, for instance, the earth's gravitation doesn't rip it through: the electromagnetic forces of the atoms making up your hand are sufficient to stay the object's motion. In fact, of the four forces known to conventional physics (gravity, electromagnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear forces) gravity is by many orders of magnitude the weakest.

The usual conclusion within the physics community is to state that since gravity is so weak, the gravitational force of anything smaller than a moon is pointless to measure or contemplate. That their mathematics work so well at large scales, and so poorly at smaller ones, only makes their failure to consider the gravitational fields of mesoscale collections of matter (like trees or people) an easier route to take.

But here's this interesting Eastern idea, regarding the subtle body with ki in place of blood and chakras for organs. Now, what sort of leaps out at you about chakras is that traditionally they line up along the axis of the organism, something I think is very significant. Another significant point is that the subtle body is just that, subtle. It can't be observed by the eye, nor felt with the hand; it is there, but leaves so faint an impression in material reality that it cannot be seen and its influences cannot help but be (there's that word again) subtle.

The subtle body has another interesting property: it is said to be entirely nonlocal, in the sense that once activated it can go anywhere, or to any time, all in zero time, because it partakes of the field of consciousness that weaves the universe together into a single timeless whole.

Now, what of gravitation? It, too, has the property of linking together bodies in space in an instantaneous fashion, not in a direct material way but in an informational sense. The Earth, for instance, is eight light-minutes from the Sun, which means that light - the fastest thing in the material universe - takes eight minutes to get from the Sun to your eyes. The Earth orbits the Sun not where the Sun was eight minutes ago, but where the Sun is right now: otherwise, the orbit would rapidly destabilize and our world would either fly off into space to freeze or fall in and burn. The corollory: gravity is a nonlocal field, transmitting information regarding the distribution of matter to every particle in the universe.

Is this not exactly how Eastern mysticism describes the field of consciousness?

And how about the Law of Attraction?

I guess I'll just come right out and say it: gravity and subtle energy is one and the same thing. If the equations of relativity were solved to show the space-time distortions caused by a human body, or better yet a sensitive enough gravitometer were to perform the measurements directly, I strongly suspect something very like chakras would appear. I'd like to think that the consequences of such a discovery would be enourmous, heralding as they would a merger of the most advanced western thought with the most ancient Eastern traditions, but I have a feeling that the initial response would be rather underwhelming on the part of Science: a whole lot of silence, perhaps, and maybe some character assassination if the discoverer refused to shut up about it.

Well, in the meantime, I don't intend to wait for the lab results. This seems to me to be an understanding from which practical results at an individual level can be gotten without expensive experiments involving high tech lab equipment and brilliant scientists, for if true than the ideal laboratory is your own subtle body and the best scientist is yourself, for it is through your subtle body that you are gravitationally linked to the whole of the cosmos and there is no one better to explore that cosmos through that subtle body than you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Charge of the Brigade of Light

by Jj

I heard a voice one day that called to me
And within that voice
I found my voice

I found friends of like mind
Individuals of character
Friends of wisdom
No more distant than their words—given freely
Life giving

A place I had always been
A hope I had always dreamed
Now filling the air with the sweet music
Of truth

Buried beneath the crescendo of voices
Are the lies of the Ages
The professional liars
Shouted down
Cowering at what they had wrought
The abyss of their own creation
Turned now
Bearing down steadily
Their own words-suffocating them
Their own lies-crushing them

The white horse of truth
Riders all
Thundering down the hillside
Across the plains of deceit
Trampling everything in our path

We are many
From all lands
We ride with truth as our shield
Justice as our sword

Scimitar’s joining Sabers
Sabers joining Cutlass
Cutlass joining Wodao

We are the light Brigade
And it is YOUR valley of death
Reap your whirlwind
Choke on your deceit

We breathe freely and call each other brother
And sister—terms of honor you know not

Joyous in our simplicity and purpose
We will not play your shell game

We shall live the life we choose
With gratitude
And Joy
In Peace

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cracking Cosmic Eggs

All of us have inner theories by which we operate. Some of these are conscious and learned only by long discipline - such as scientific or esoteric disciplines - whilst others are as innate as expecting things to fall when unsupported. Together all of these theories make up a worldview, more accurate and self-consistent or not as the case may be, which informs the mind as to the nature of reality. In a primitive sense, animals share this making of world-theories, but in the case of humans it is possible for a large number of others to share more or less the same set of theories, the same cosmic egg as Joseph Chilton Pearce called it, a unifying world-view most commonly known as culture.

Now, cultures often have very different outlooks on the world. Some believe in God, others in Nirvana. Some practice divination by reading the cracked lines in a burnt tortoise shell, others forecast climate change with elaborate computer models. Some teach that America won the war of 1812, others insist it was the British Empire, yet others shrug and call it a draw. Some believe in goblins, others in djnni, others in greys, and others in none at all.

Whatever the particulars, the accuracies and the curious blind spots, so long as various points are agreed upon by enough people, you have a more or less coherent culture. The world-views of two cultures might well differ dramatically, especially if separated by millennia of mutual isolation, but so long as they remain internally self-consistent, they can survive as the collective lens through which a human group observes reality.

Self-consistency is a key aspect here. So long as the generally accepted theories describe reality, few will deviate from them and the cultural continuity remains intact. If reality should do something the theories don't account for, though, it increases the chances that people will deviate as they formulate new theories to make sense of the contradictory data. For most phenomena, the culture can change in a more or less coherent way, with the majority of its people flowing along the same mental direction. Sometimes, though, something so huge happens that it breaks the culture completely.

Now, we've got a particular problem in our society. It's called secrecy. Governments do it, and corporations, and individuals. When the culture does more or less what its world-theories tell it to do, you can exert a lot of power if you can control those theories, and the best and easiest way to exert control of information is to lie. Indeed controlling information and lying are virtual synonyms. Most societies are in some sense built of lies (for absolute truth is an incommunicable state), but in our society the Lie has been institutionalized to such a degree that much of our cultural programming consists of very deliberate lies, put there for one purpose and one purpose only: directing the actions of vast numbers of people in the most subtle and efficient ways possible. What need of force? when most think slavery freedom, and love their servitude.

The peculiar power of mainstream, modern Western culture is the stunning detail and painstaking accuracy of its scientific theories, a dense profusion of laws and equations and catalogued stars, trees, proteins, atoms.... There is simply so much of it, and it accounts for the day-to-day aspects of life so very, very well that it is difficult to even conceive that the whole thing might be a web of exquisite lies. While purporting to exist for the noble purpose of knowing nature, the true purpose - not necessarily the original purpose, but certainly the hidden end to which all the disciplines of science have been bent - is to support the larger edifice of lies that has been erected, like a huge, elaborate, and lovingly crafted machine for the purpose of social control.

There's just one thing: the theories are built to account for the day-to-day, but fail entirely when presented with the extraordinary or miraculous, unless it is the extraordinary miracles of its own creation. This is because the theories are built to explain the world without recourse to fantastic things, the a priori assumption being that they do not exist and therefore need not be accounted for. Of course, if they don't exist that's a logical presumption ... but one might also take the opposite tack, and question whether that presumption is precisely the reason those theories exist?

So long as a truth can be suppressed, so long as control can be exerted over a piece of information, its effects upon the world-theories of the mass mind can be obviated. Once it slips through, however, its effects can be quite dramatic. Uncontained truth is a powerful thing; if too much of it leaks out, the whole clanking contraption will come to pieces. Each truth that slips its bonds is like a bolt popping off or a bullet being fired through the engine block.

There's a schism in our culture, for all intents and purposes already here, and though small the crack that's appeared will continue to grow. The internet has catalyzed things: too much of that truth has gotten out, and spread to every corner of the globe. It takes the form of the extraordinary and the miraculous: government black projects and UFOs, secret prisons and crop circles, fluoride poisoning and alternative medicines, ghosts and telepathy and past lives and precognition, all those singular phenomena for which the mainstream theories that keep society together cannot account. Without the internet, very few of us would have the opportunity to gather so much of what's out there, to question so many of the theories we've been taught, to pull back all the way up to a high altitude and take it all in and say ... "Wait a minute...."

It really all comes down to the belief in a single Great Lie. Precisely what form the Lie takes is irrelevant; only it's size is of consequence. 9/11 is one pretty staggeringly obvious example of this: everyone who bought it, bought the need for the War on Terror and made a deep personal investment in ignoring the growing signs of global fascism with all their might. Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory is another: built on shaky foundations from the beginning and by now demonstrably false, it channeled the energies of the world's environmental movement away from any of a wide selection of desperately needed efforts and towards the cause of supporting the same globally metastasized meta-state the Terror War was intended to create. There are no doubt countless other examples I could name, now and in the past, but the one thing they all have in common is that their sheer audacity enables them to hijack whole societies.

So long as that Lie is believed, you're lost.

Once the Lie is perceived, well, you're not found, exactly. But from that point on the search can begin in earnest.

Here's the thing. On one side is a huge clanking world-spanning Machine, which from our perspective scattered about the globe and largely isolated from one another appears utterly indomitable. Our fellow humans, most of them willing components of the Machine, all believe the Lie and have done for such a long span of time that the Black Sun has cast its false light over their entire world. It looks pretty hopeless. Ah, but on our side we have something the Machine's operators don't: Truth. They must suppress it, control it, conceal it in order to put it to use, like gasoline in an internal combustion engine; we have merely to set it free, expose it to the light and the air, and it's own nature will work to our benefit. Think of it this way: they have to keep their Machine operating smoothly. All we have to do is set it alight.

There's a Change coming. On top of all the changes in climate, politics, technology, and everything else, it's a coming sea change in consciousness. Metanoia - sudden spiritual conversion - on a mass scale. As the Great Lie, the keystone of the entire edifice, breaks for an increasing number of people, the Machine will come crashing to the ground, its components flying off in every direction to be picked up and re-purposed by anyone who's had the sense to walk away from it ... and a surprising number will have, when the dust settles and someone takes roll. Their cosmic eggs will hatch and they will - painfully, but inevitably - emerge into a new and more spacious world, one with room for extraordinary phenomena and miraculous occurances, one in which the lies that dominated their lives will have evaporated like morning dew.