Friday, January 8, 2010

Retrospective on 2010

So it's a week into 2011, and the world, well it isn't pretty but let me tell you, man, it's never been better, either. It doesn't much matter where you are - it's fucked everywhere - but who you are makes all the difference and it's starting to look like people are finally getting that ... and getting too that 'who' they are is the only thing that's really under their control.

The mood at the beginning of this year is noticeably different from the collective outlook at the beginning of 2010. Not completely different: no one's sorry to see 2010 passing safely into the pages of history, just like when 2009 bit the dust and people were like, "naaa naaa naaa na, naaa naaa naaa na, hey hey hey, gooood-byyye". But a year ago you could taste the forboding in the air: the reigning confusion, the dim, dawning apprehension amongst the still-largely-befuddled masses. No one was looking forward to 2010 (save those few who'd already been disillusioned). And they weren't wrong.

You can't say the same thing this year, though. The energy is totally different.

Despite everything, the air tastes optimistic, this year.

Sure, we're beset by threats we'd never have even imagined we'd be dealing with, not so long ago, and some of them just keep getting worse. I mean, who knew we'd be assimilating knowledge of ET infilitration of our ruling classes going back thousands of years? Some of us suspected it for a while but when that floating pyramid appeared over the G20 in Toronto and just hung there, well ... and then a week later when that Ukrainian interview with Mork went viral on YouTube ... people went crazy. Literally. When Mork explained that 'they' could very easily look just like us, regardless of whatever form they might take on their own worlds, that was the beginning of what I guess we're now calling the Alien Wars hysteria. It started with a few lynchings in South America and rural China (were they really aliens? If so how many? Who can tell?) and one of the major brushfires we have to put out this year is to keep this mass paranoia from getting out of hand.

Not here, thank Source. For whatever reason it seems, my little corner of the world had enough relatively with-it people that it's been able to maintain it's equanimity in the face of all the revelations and disclosure. It's emerging as a model for the rest of the country, I think. It probably helps that Kingston's last (openly) Freemasonic temple closed down almost a decade back. When that first temple was busted into in Atlanta last summer, and the pictures of those dead kids hanging from meat-hooks with pentagrams and Seals of Solomon and shit drawn into the ground in their blood hit the Net, well, that kicked the Alien Wars hysteria up a notch because now it wasn't just aliens (which is scary) it was evil child-eating satanic fiends (which isn't so much scary as it is enraging at a deep and primal level). A year ago, those of us with the sense to know shit from crushed raisins by look and not taste despaired of the masses ever being aroused from their drugged slumber. Now it's more like, "All right, seriously, enough already...." Some in the Movement are feeling a bit like Sorceror's Apprentices, truth be told.

Yeah, and meanwhile it's looking like it's not just one or a few aliens who've been around these parts: it's more like hundreds of thousands of species, from all over timespace, popping in for a look-see and maybe more. Our condition isn't so much one of war with the aliens, at least not from their perspective: to the galactic civilization we're just another backwater world full of half-smart savages. Mostly what we get is nature tourists, family trips, that sort of thing; but we attract our share of unscrupulous corporations, sex tourists and criminal entrepreneurs, as well, simply because we don't know enough to recognize them for what they are.

That our entire recorded history is one of deepening bondage to these extraterrestrial conquistadores is reflected in the oppression of aboriginal civilizations the world over (though more perverse as at least those natives knew they'd been conquered. For all the good it did them.) But just as those cultures have reached with increasing success for emancipation over recent history, so thispresaged the mad and novel possibility that humanity might soon - and finally - escape the control of its alien overlords.

Pause for a moment to think how crazy that would have sounded to you just one year ago, to even consider it as a problem to be solved. You've come a long way, baby.

World War III is shaping up to be a lot different from what we were all told to expect. After the spasms in the Mid-East over the spring, conventional military conflict seems to have leveled off, more or less. A lot of places this is simply because there's no government left to tell the soldiers what to do, the local Globalists having been chased out or executed. Also not many soldiers much feel like taking orders in those few regions where the elite still hang on. They're on the defensive now, there's no question about that. Which isn't to say there aren't still plenty of dead: the bioweapons cut a swath through the population, especially those primed by the swine flu vaccination campaigns. Then there's HAARP, the chemtrails, the cell-phone towers, all the masses of toxic shit they were pouring into the food and water to keep us dumb, sickly, and slow. That shit is still taking its toll.

But how many of us don't even have a cell phone any more? So many towers have been ripped down by volunteer demolition teams that our smart phones are becoming paperweights and, good riddance. And now that the Famine they threw at us by warping perception and policy with climate lies has curbed our appetites, well, we're a lot more careful about what we eat. If not touching corporate food means not eating for a couple of days, well ... so be it, the consensus seems to be. That's helping with the detoxing everyone's started doing, too: more and more of us are sweating and fasting the accumulated toxins out of our body.

In fact you might say that this Mass Detox is how we are fighting this new war. Over most of the past century the alien elite did everything they could to poison our planet, our health, and our minds, unleashing weapon after weapon calculated to have effects with the potential to echo down the generations. Our witless complicity in this act of grand sabotage amplified anything they might have accomplished alone a million-fold. Our air, soil and water has been polluted, our (by which I mean, Gaia's) gene pool distorted, our cultures dismembered and degraded. And now, here at the tail end of this sad epic, as we have woken up and begun to fight back against this monstrous oppression, they have concluded (quite rightly) that we are of no further use to them and so we face the possibility of an outright scorched earth policy.

Negotiations between the world and the Rothschild family (and what an odd and strangely pathetic clan of inbreds they proved to be, once necessity forced them out into the public light) are proceeding apace. They are quite tense. The floppy-faced chinless ones seem to think they can, if they choose, use some sort of doomsday Tesla weapon they spirited away from Cheyenne Mountain. Seems they've used this thing several times in the past to trigger some of the larger quakes and tsunamis. One of the settings would essentially crack the Earth like an egg (an apt analogy, with the revelation that the Earth, like all celestial bodies, is quite hollow) and the clan has indicated that if they can't have the world, well then they don't see why anyone should.

No one really believes they'll go through with it. They're just a front, obviously, and the channelers (which seems to be the preferred method of contact by ETs) are pretty unanimous in saying that this is not a line the Rothschild's alien masters are prepared to cross. Which of course doesn't change the fact that in the meantime it's entirely possible that a city or a seaboard or two might be knocked into the ocean, an eventuality everyone's anxious to avoid. So yeah, things are tense. We're offering them some really nice tropical islands, big houses, all the comforts: gilded cages in which to live out the rest of their tawdry criminal lives, with no one to prey on but each other. Really what we're hoping for is that their fragile fear-based group mind will crack under the stress and they'll turn on one another. Actually this is already happening but it would be nice if things sped up in that regard.

Regardless, the fate of the elite one way or another is a distraction from the real issues at this point: issues of survival (food, shelter, medicine) are top of many people's minds, a major priority for the self-organizing networks that have been taking over the functions of government in region after region. Then there's the soil to remediate, the water to clean, the plastic to collect. Every city and especially every suburb contains block after block of poorly used land cluttered with toxic buildings containing hidden within them a treasure-trove of useful but idiotically used raw materials. So much of it - especially the strip malls, the big box stores, the cubical farms - is empty now that no one has a job anymore. A lot of the houses, too, partly because a lot of people died. And partly becase we all went so utterly broke when the derivitives crash wiped out very bank on the planet.

We learned something over the past year: none of us really need a lot of stuff to live. It is not, as Tyler Durden said, necessary to our survival in the hunter-gatherer sense of the term. Out of work, out of money, out of luck, or so it looked. How many of us were living with nothing but a room and some even less? Almost no one lives alone now: it's not at all uncommon to see ten people in a three bedroom house, some of them with just a backpack and a sleeping bag on the couch. We're living cheek by jowl again with our families and our friends and we've discovered (or some of us have) that we love it: what we've lost in stuff we've gained in companionship. We've started to form tribes again. We're reconnecting, with one another and with our own deeper archetypal human nature. We've learned that when we share everything, we want for nothing.

Some of us have seized that, and we're running with it and running hard. Yeah, and things are hard: we're getting less sleep than most, and we're all going a bit hungry. But we're taking every challenge as an opportunity for change, excercising our creative powers whenever we can. Riding the chaos, surrending our fear, our lives have become art. We're reinventing the culture, spreading vision and inspiration in those of our brethren who've been slower to catch on - not because they're less intelligent or bad people or because of any defect worse than any one of us can find within our own selves, but simply because we happened to be sleeping more lightly - and every day I see the early fruit of this Great Alchemical Work blossoming within people's eyes, even if as a feeling and not yet a full understanding. That's fine with me. A feeling is enough.

There is no telling as yet what 2011 may bring, though speculation is rampant. The possibilities seem endless and that's because they are. We might still lose everything, but between now and then, however many nows we get, we might well get to experience everything that could ever matter.