Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hawk Vision

So I'm walking up my favorite hill this afternoon, taking care not to slip in the mud left behind by the last couple of rainy days, and for some reason halfway up or so an image pops into my mind, of a guy sitting at the top of a hill meditating, opening his eyes and seeing a hawk climbing a thermal in front of him. It entered by way of thinking over what to write for my next Dreamscapes and Night Terrors story (yes, I know, it's been a while. Writer's block is a bitch.) and while the image was all very well and good it wasn't much to hang a story on so I discarded it.

So, I get to the top of the hill, a large granite outcrop covered with lichen with an inukshuk standing on the highest point. I have a pee off the cliff side, find a place to sit, settle down, put on the headphones to get some binaural beats going, assume a mudra, and commence my daily meditation routine. Still the mind with my mantra ... go through a visualization/affirmation I've developed ... massage my chakras open one by one and then draw my kundalini up through it ... finishing off with the Hathors' Holon of Ascension (which I've been practicing daily for a while, but particularly the past couple of weeks in preparation for the Holon of Planetary Ascension this coming Sunday.)

The binaural beat track was still going when I finished holon, and I fully intended on completing the hour, for the purpose developing my will if nothing else. But ... for some reason I had an irresistable urge to open my eyes and there, right in front of me and very close were five turkey vultures circling over the trees.

Now, a turkey vulture is not a hawk, but country boy though I am I've been known to misidentify the two before and so ... I have absolutely no idea what to make of the whole experience. Coincidence? An omen, good or bad? (can a vulture be a good omen?) Temporal bleedthrough?

I don't know.

But it was very, very strange.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dwapara Yuga: Solar power thru metallic balloons

What the title says.

The current oil crisis and housing market crash has concentrated many investors and engineers in silicon valley to the problem (including Ananda India).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ectasy Scam

There comes a point, in every man's journey through time, when he must look upon what is called reality and call it for more or less what it is: a scam, a gigantic scam perpetrated over eons of time by fourth dimensional entities that have been manipulating an inherently chaotic time-line towards a desired end and it is not, from the looks of things, promising to be a gentle one. Whether you get that point sooner rather than later is, sadly, rather to the point but rest assured you shall get there eventually ... the only question is on whose schedule.

You see, if you figure out the scam early, before it's scheduled denouement and scripted unveilings take place, well ... you're prepared for that, now. You know what to look out for. And in that line of thought one wonders just what those lab techs in the Czech Republic read on the internet? The heroes who detected the subtle attempt at slipping the human race a bird flu pandemic. What do they know? An interesting question.

Terrifyingly, a search on Baxter pharmaceuticals and bird flu vaccine does not reveal the crime until the third link. Merely typing Baxter should proclaim the crime for all to see from the very first link, but no, it is hidden away, shrouded by obscurity from the condemnation it deserves. This is the kind of thing that should require a corporate death penalty, but no, we are not quite there, as a society, at least not quite yet. How we might get from here to there is interesting to speculate about, but neither here nor there I think as to its desirability.

As it stands, not many people get the scam. You have to admit it's pretty impressive, once you start to take it in it its sheer scale, well, it's a wrenching shift from all of your preconceived notions of what reality is, let me tell you. That makes it pretty hard for people to believe, which is of course to be expected for a Big Lie of such epic complexity, as keeping people from perceiving what reality truly is is its sole and singular over-riding purpose. The plan is to keep more or less everyone wrapped up in it right until the very end, when their little bubbles will be simultaneously popped and the resulting panic and terror fed upon by the greedy demons who have, as it were, been cultivating our species over thousands of years for the express goal of feasting upon that energy.

Wow, sounds crazy, doesn't it?


It gets so you protect people. Let it little bits, here and there, initiatory hints to those that you think can take it, and silence for those whom it is quite obvious cannot. For those who can take of it in, though, just a bit at a time and then stand back, watch them chew at it for a while, then point them in another direction and wait for them to puzzle through that, too. The unveiling has to take place at it's own pace for everyone, but that pace is increasing. Even to those going down the invisible path, deeper into their own conceptual rabbit hole, those deeper down are careful not to speak too much of what they saw. You now how it goes. "Reptilians? You're nuts, man, that shit doesn't exist." A 9/11 truther is as likely to say this as, say, whatever species of bungling troglodyte watches Fox News ... though at least their is hope for the former.

Of course, the fun thing about running this gamut is that on the other side you've also maybe figured out a bunch of other things about how reality really works. You have to, because in order to peel each layer of the onion you need to assimilate certain new ideas about the structure of reality, certain under-standings that allow you to see how, one more time at one more level, you've been scammed. But then that perhaps helps you get a little bit of what that part of the scam was designed to obscure and ... well, now. How many people do you know who get the scam? How many who also get, as they must, that it runs so against the grain of cosmic law as to be destined to failure? Who understand that it will all come down, indeed is designed to come down, but that as it topples to the ground it will be possible to, as it were, sidestep the crumbling edifice and be there in one piece to pick up the pieces.

How many will there be?

An interesting question indeed. But I'm willing to bet there will be more than are now expected. Possibly a great deal more. Were the Awakening to happen tomorrow, possibly the majority of humanity might be saved but of course that will not and can not happen. At any rate, there will be some number of survivors, unplanned survivors who will be self-sufficient and possess a more or less common worldview characterized by a general disdain for the Lie such that, all taken together, they will be quite entirely beyond control. Yes, some of the elites will no doubt survive in their compact slave-hives, their sickly and short-lived minions stacked and packed in isolated fortresses while they, ascended into their technological utopia, have merged with the machines. They may have it, indeed are welcomed to it if that is their choice.

The land, however, shall have reverted to humans gone wild but in a very different, much for civilized way than in previous ages. How long both might co-exist for is hard to say - I for one would expect the Lie to persist for eons, until the gentle passage of a golden age lulled mankind into losing its resistance to the Lie once again ... but that would be a very long story, one entirely of its own.

There are many who will survive. But let us spare a thought for those who do not, for doubtless a great many more who will succumb to the special effects that remain in store. Remember, we're talking cometary impacts, alien invasions, the manifestation of demons, the trump card in a deck that's been stacked ahead of time with the usual severities of war, plague, famine, and plain awful old death.

Of course, all of those things could have been averted. If they'd only known sooner.

If only.

You've no doubt encountered the idea, had the experience, of ecstasy. Emotions have vibrations, you see and ecstasy is amongst the highest. Of course there's the ecstasy of great sex and sometimes in the same hand there's great ex, but the truly ecstatic experience is another thing entirely quite apart from the pleasure with which it is usually associated, for it can come up in the weirdest situations. Immediately preceding deathm for instance. Possibly and even especially a violent, traumatic death might well be an occasion for the classic ecstatic experience, in which the vibratory rate of the body increases, the light body starts to take shape, and ... one way or another, you're going somewhere from there after you die. Of course, the object of the violent death is to get a sip of that delicious panic, and if it comes just right, at just the right pitch, well ... it's a tasty meal, for those who've aquired the taste, and what you fall into there will indeed seem like an eternity.

Lets talk about eternity, actual mathematical eternity. Speaking of demons being fourth dimensional entities with the ability to travel anywhere in time and space, it occurs that they might ultimately be resolved as mobile wormholes smaller than atoms, through which realities may refract but for the most part act as silent observers and quiet manipulators. And what's on the other side of this wormhole, well, that could of course be anything. A black hole, though, may well provide an apt description of the entity that resides beyond that gate. Get sucked into its maw and instantly you're a part of it, due to be torn up for atomic scrap and eventually recycled back into the universe, but not for a long time. I'm talking a life-time of 10^30 years but that may well be just for smaller ones, and the monster I'm considering at the moment is one that holds the universe in its orbit ... or perhaps a better way to put it might be, all those black holes at the centers of galaxies are exactly the same black hole, just as demons are but portals into it. One that large, well, the span lengthens expontentially with mass, and ultimately we're talking the entire mass of the universe because that black hole is the origin of all matter. (That every galaxy seems to have its own black hole is, I'd suggest, just an artifact of hyperdimensional refractions that cause our third-dimensional structure to take on fractal dimensionality.) At any rate, there's no real reason to worry if you get sucked into the black hole, because the eons you'll spend locked inside will pass in a seeming instant. Just a thought to perk up your day.

So, go to your death terrified and you're part of the Mother of All Homecoming Dinners, but what if you're not scared? What if, when death comes for you, you're ecstatic, joyful, your light body fully charged up and pulsing in and out of reality at some insane frequency? Where does one's soul go to from there?

A mass transcension is part of what's in the cards. Christians call it the Rapture and have some idea it's going to be God grabbing them and because they're faithful and returning them to the Kingdom of Heaven and metaphorically at least they're onto something but of course Christians don't generally pause to think of it in those terms and that, of course, is another part of the scam which, even when it's technically telling the truth, is still presenting a perversion of reality.

Let's pause to think of what that means. On the other side of the transition period, there are going to be a certain number of people left physically standing to pick up the pieces. There will undoubtedly be a great many dead, the souls of many of whom will have fallen down the gullet of a black hole and disappeared forever, of no further use to either the black hole or any of its mobile access points because that is the nature of black holes. There will be some number amongst the dead, however, who go to their deaths ecstatically, and they too will in some sense survive, for their light bodies will perhaps reach the energy levels necessary to attain coherence and in this, following the death of the physical body, the consciousness would remain imprinted. It's hard to say what this would be like but I sort of think it would be kind of like the birth of an angel.

So now the survivors at the other end of this are not just left with a planet at their disposal and a weakened and diminished adversary, they would also have vast hosts of angels with which to protect the planet from the Lie that had in a perverse sense given birth to them. You want to tell me with a beginning like that, God couldn't write a great golden age?

And that, I think, in the end, is mostly about what the scam is trying to hide.